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Mark of Excellence: Internet Top Level Domain .WhosWho Launches Today

NEW YORK, March 2, 2015 -- Twenty years ago, with the Internet in its infancy, it was understandable for high-achievers dedicated to their callings and immersed in vital endeavors to have a simple Hotmail account for personal use. Today, nothing could be further from the truth. The .WhosWho Internet top level domain, launching today, was created with the unique needs of this cohort in mind.

The registry's Who's Who Turnkey Solution [Note: discontinued with effect from July 2016] is both high-performance and low-impact in the near term, with the focus on immediate usability. Registrants can start off right away using their .WhosWho online identities by forwarding to existing free email accounts and blogs, websites or even facebook/social media pages. .WhosWho registrars can help. Beyond that, a .WhosWho domain has the expansion capability of any other Internet domain, even apple.com, facebook.com, google.com, and youtube.com (all of whom have also registered their .WhosWho equivalents). That's more flexibility than even the above-average person needs and, of critical interest to technophobes, if the turnkey solution works just dandy, there's no need to change it ever.

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We especially appreciated the coverage from World News (wn.com), which telescoped-in on and highlighted the most significant fact at the start of the second paragraph:

Screen grab from the WorldNews - WN.com - on 2 March 2015