.WhosWho Registry offers domains for registration through a tiered pricing model through our Accredited Registrars. The tiers are designed so that most users registering domains based upon their names or generic terms will find them offered at the Standard (lowest price) Tier. Registrations for some - but not all - of the most desirable names are at higher tiers, also available through our Accredited Registrars, in an attempt both to match supply with demand and to allocate scarce inventory based upon the principle of "highest and best use." The good news about renewals is that once registered, all domains renew at the Standard Tier.

Can I sell or otherwise transfer my .WhosWho domain?

Yes, the holder of a .WhosWho domain can sell/transfer a registered domain, and the transferred domain carries with it the right of continued renewal at the Standard Tier, even if it is subsequently resold/transferred, as long as the chain of registration remains unbroken.

Standard Tier

Standard pricing is designed to allow individuals to secure domain names based upon their own names (a combination of given and family names, or components thereof) as well as on generic terms/phrases at the lowest price tier for both initial registrations and renewals. Who’s Who Registry hasn’t made any such name premium, not even for the richest and most famous of people.

Premium pricing in Tiers

While we believe that exceptional individuals are entitled to a domain name based on their full names, we know that any number among us will want something a bit more special, such as given or family name alone, of which there are fewer to fill a broader demand. Whether it’s a performer who achieved fame and fortune with a single name, or a genealogist or historian wanting to create a family history website, it’s clear that a market-oriented solution (i.e. "supply and demand") calls for premium pricing.

With mobile devices showing proportional growth among internet users, another in-demand offering is for short strings which, in the context of .whoswho naturally involves "Monogram Domains," those comprised of four or less letters. Again, scarcity drives pricing, so that one-character domains will be priced highest, followed by two-letter domains, then three-letter domains, and finally four-letter domains. That said, most four character strings that include one or more digits (0-9) are available at Standard pricing.

We’re eager for registrants with big goals and great concepts to help raise the profile of our global niche registry. Premium names in this category may include descriptors such as professions, industries, métiers, occupations, geographic/nationality names, and generic names shared by many sports teams around the world.

Country and Territory Domain Names

Under the terms of our Registry Agreements with ICANN, each registry operator must agree to reserve the names of countries and territories included in the ISO-3166-1 lists, which may only be released for use with the permission of that individual country. For those interested and willing to undertake the challenge of securing a Country.WhosWho domain, Who’s Who Registry is ready and willing to undertake the administrative filings, provided that the prospective registrant is prepared to secure the necessary government permissions and pay any associated ICANN filing fees, in consideration of a ten-year Tiered registration.

Registrar Price List

Confused as to why there are no "dollars-and-cents" prices on this page? That's because .WhosWho doesn't control the retail prices at which our Accredited Registrars sell our domains to their customers/registrants. Instead, they independently establish their own pricing for domains working from our Registrar Price List, the current version of which is Version: 2016-09-02, that became effective on Friday, September 2, 2016. Any of our Accredited Registrars wishing to receive the current version of the .WhosWho Price List should email a request to us at info@domains.whoswho .